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Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Incoming Stock and Order Closing Dates for MDT, Condor, Brownells and Magpul!

Orders for the following international brands are closing on 31/01/2015: MDT Rifle Chassis'Condor OutdoorBrownells and Magpul.
You would have noticed that we have recently received Condor and Magpul shipments, but due to demand, we are compiling our next orders already.
Please make sure that you have placed your orders with us on or by 31/01/2015 to ensure that necessary backorder stock is ordered and reserved for you in order to avoid unnecessary delays and disappointment.
Please note that while we make every effort to always keep stock of popular products in stock, it is impossible for us to carry stock of every product we offer and as a result, we ask our customers to place orders with us in order to ensure that you get exactly what you want as quickly as possible.
MDT Rifle Chassis and Accessories:
We are very pleased to announce that the MDT LSS Chassis for Howa 1500 / Weatherby Vanguard Rifles are currently in production and can be pre-ordered now! Please note that MDT Rifle Chassis' and Accessories are very specialised and we strongly recommend that you place an order in order to ensure that the exact product you want is ordered. Eg: Chassis type, rifle type, colour, long/short action, Left or Right Hand etc.
Click here for more info on MDT Rifle Chassis' and Accessories.
Condor Outdoor Products:
Condor Outdoor products are rugged, dependable and can be used for just about any outdoor activity, not to mention tactical, LE, duty, shooting and related activities. For this reason, we are going to be bringing in Condor shipments more regularly this year in order to meet the steep increase in demand.
Click here for more info on Condor Outdoor products.
For those who do not know, Brownells is one of the oldest, largest and most respected suppliers of firearm parts, spares and accessories in the US.
GICS is able to offer most products that you see on Please note that due to various Dept. of State regulations and requirements, contractual agreements, local import restrictions and stock availability, we will not be able to offer all products offered on
Please also note that in order to comply with all relevant regulations, lead times may vary up to several months on certain products.
We are adding new products to our website on an ongoing basis, so make sure to keep checking on the website.
In an attempt to best serve our customers in this regard, should you be interested in any products from that are not advertised on our website, please with the product(s) that you are interested in.
Please include the Name of the item, Unique Product Code, Manufacturer Code and quantity required. (As well as any other relevant information.)

As we are 100% compliant with overseas and local laws, regulations and requirements, please allow 1 - 2 weeks for us to get back to you with relevant information as it can take time for us to receive feedback from overseas regarding certain products.
Please note that deposits and full payment may be required on certain items.
Orders are placed approximately every 6 weeks, so please ensure that your enquiries and orders are placed timeously to avoid unnecessary delays.
Click here for more info on ordering from Brownells through GICS.
Magpul Products:

Magpul needs no introduction, please note however that Magpul PMAG's, Stocks and Grips in particular sell out VERY quickly, so please make sure to place your order to ensure that we can order and reserve the correct model, calibre, size and colour for you.
With regards to stocks, with both commercial and milspec buffer tubes out there, so many different models and colours, we try to bring in stock to meet all our customers needs, but it is almost impossible. Please use this opportunity to allow us to get you exactly what you want by placing your orders with us before the order closing date.
Please note: GICS only offers GENUINE Magpul products. Don't get caught out!
Click here for more info on Magpul products.
We are expecting shipments of the following brands over the next few weeks:
Tru-Spec Uniforms, Apparel and Duty Gear
G-Code Holsters and Accessories
Please do not rely on being able to get what you want once the shipments arrive. Place your orders now so you can reserve stock and any out of stock items can come in with the next possible shipment!
Order closing dates for the next shipments for the following brands will be announced soon:
G-Code Holsters and Accessories
ATI Stocks and Accessories
HiViz Sights
Tru-Spec Uniforms, Apparel and Duty Gear
Camo Systems
Wholesale enquiries from dealers, gunsmiths and other resellers are most welcome. Please email with wholesale enquiries.
If you can not find a product that you are looking for on our website, click on the "Request a Product" link in the top menu and we will assist you.
If you haven't done so already, (And you aren't reading this on it.) please view our new user friendly website at
The new website offers Live Inventory, Backordering, Multiple Wish Lists and the ability to be notified when a specific item(s) is back in stock.
Please do not hesitate to contact us on 021 555 3858 or at with any questions or queries.
At your service,
The GICS Team

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