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Thursday, 8 January 2015

Condor Outdoor - Rugged Gear for the Real World

GI Combat Supplies (GICS) has been a proud supplier and distributor of Condor Outdoor products to the private and government sectors since we first opened our doors and have seen the brand grow from strength to strength. As one of our top brands and a personal favourite, Condor products have always taken pride of place on our showroom shelves, but there is more to this quality brand than meets the eye.
While Condor’s product range was initially, and still is intended for the Military, Law Enforcement (LE) & Security professional, many of their products have alternative uses for the civilian world too. Any outdoor enthusiast, whether a hiker, camper, fishing enthusiast or adventurer – Condor has something for you!
Condor’s Softshell and Fleece Jacket ranges are perfect for most outdoor activities while being functional, stylish and hardwearing. These have been a staple of our offerings for many years now and have stood up to our customers rugged demands.
Likewise, Condor’s extensive range of bags and packs will suit just about anybody’s needs. Whether you are hiking the Fish River Canyon or just going out for a day of 4x4-ing, Condor has a pack to suit your needs. Almost all Condor’s packs come equipped with MOLLE (Modular.) Webbing on the outside, which means there is a good level of customisation available to the user with the ability to attach additional pouches as needed, an EMT Pouch for First Aid is a popular example. Most Condor packs also accept Hydration Bladders to help keep you hydrated. Certain large capacity packs are also great for the needs of the survivalist, making great Bug-Out Bags or Egress Packs.
Condor offers well over 80 different modular pouches, far too many to mention here. Some popular multi-purpose pouches include:
- EMT/First Aid Pouches
- H2O Pouches
- Map Pouches
- Admin Pouches
- Gadget Pouches
- iPouches
- Tablet Sleeves
- Camera Pouches
- Lens Pouches
- Digi Pouches
- Hydration Bladders
- Radio Pouches
- Flashlight/Torch Pouches
- Utility Pouches
- GPS Pouches
- Recovery Pouches
- First Response Pouches
- Handcuff, Baton and Pepper Spray Pouches for the safety conscious
- and Many More!
The majority of these pouches can be attached to a belt or a Condor MOLLE (Modular.) vest, bag or pack.
Condor Belts such as Rigger and Instructor Belts are perfect for most outdoor pursuits and like ALL Condor products, are made to stringent US specifications, ensuring that products are well suited to their task and will go the distance!
Condor also offer a range of Headgear including Caps, Wraps, Veils, and Shemaghs, a wide range of Gloves, Holsters, Every Day Carry (EDC) Bags, Gun and Rifle Bags, Weapon Slings, Knee and Elbow Pads, Patches and a multitude of other Military, Law Enforcement and Security orientated products.
Last, but not least, Condor manufactures a complete range of Tactical Vests and Plate Carriers suited to the needs of any Military, Law Enforcement (LE) or Security professional and in some cases also perfect for the home defense user. Again MOLLE (Modular.) Webbing provides a useful and versatile platform for allowing the operator the ability customise their loadout to their personal and environmental needs.
GICS offers both soft and hard armour solutions for Condor Plate Carriers. (Level IIIA, Level III and Level IV.)
Condor is constantly improving, innovating and releasing new and exciting products. The new and soon to be available Sentry LCS vest being an example of this.
We truly believe that you will struggle to find a better balance between quality and price than you will with Condor Outdoor products.
We urge you to compare the quality of Condor Outdoor products to other brands out there. Things to look out for are: Material, stitching, buckles, clips and the pedigree of manufacturer.
As Condor Distributors, we offer full backup and support on Condor products.
Due to increased demand, we will be bringing in Condor shipments more regularly in 2015. This means that backorders for items that are not in stock at the time of ordering will be fulfilled quicker.
Condor’s product range is universal and can be easily adapted to meet and fulfill many, many purposes and mission requirements, both professional and civilian, for the public safety professional or the adventurer!
We welcome any questions or queries about Condor Outdoor's product range and will gladly assist you in choosing the right product for your needs!
To view the full range of Condor products on our website, click here:
Wholesale enquiries are most welcome. Email with wholesale enquiries.
Please do not hesitate to contact us on 021 555 3858 or with any questions or queries.
At your service,
The GICS Team

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