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Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Level IIIA Insert for Condor DFPC Live Fire Demonstration

On 18/05/2014 GICS conducted a live fire field demonstration of a Condor Defender Plate Carrier Level IIIA Kevlar XP Insert.

We conducted the demonstration on an insert that had been previously shot with a 9mm Para round on the top right. (Top left as you would look at the panel.)
This demonstration is in no way intended to be viewed as an official test. Only the SABS can officially test products to SANS 1658:2007 Level IIIA Standards and we already have test reports for this. The purpose of this test was to do a live field test to demonstrate the efficiency of the inserts.
Demonstration Setup:
Date: 18/05/2014
Ammmunition: S&B Factory FMJ 115grs 9mm Para and S&B Factory FMJ 230grs .45 ACP
Firearms: Glock 17 (9mm Para) and Colt Government Series 70 (.45 ACP)
Engagement Distance: 3m
Demonstration Methodology:
Two 9mm Para shots and two .45 ACP shots were shot at the insert. The insert was checked for penetration and any other anomalies after each shot.
Demonstration Results:
None of the four shots penetrated through the insert. All four bullets ended up between the front face of the Kevlar XP material and the insert front cover. All four bullets are currently still inside the insert.

The only anomaly that occurred was that the first two 9mm para shots were fired while the insert was strapped to a 21 litre water cooler bottle. As the water bottle was old and brittle, the blunt trauma of the second 9mm para shot cracked the bottle on one of the horizontal ribs. As a result of this, the water bottle was removed and the insert was taped to a box in order to retain shape and rigidity for the two .45 ACP shots.
As a result of the water bottle cracking, sharp edges of the bottle caused a tear in the outer cover. In order to show that there was no penetration, we cut away both the outer cover material and the built in trauma pad which exposed the back face of the Kevlar XP material. This confirmed that the round did not penetrate the insert as can be seen in the photos.

We also cut away only the outer cover material on the back face of the second .45 ACP shot to show the effect on the built in trauma pad.
Body armour is not something that anyone should take a chance with. Following this demonstration, we are more confident than ever that the Condor DFPC and CPC Level IIIA Kevlar Inserts meet their Level IIIA rating
The insert that was used for this demonstration can be viewed at our premises at any time by anyone who would like to see the results first hand. The SABS Test Report for these inserts are also available from GICS on request.
Click here for more info on Level IIIA Inserts for Condor Plate Carriers.
Click here for videos taken on the day.
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Friday, 16 May 2014

A New ATI Shipment has Arrived!

We are pleased to announce that a new ATI shipment has arrived!
Available ATI Products include:
- Tactical Shotgun Stock Kits, Grips, Stocks and Forends
- Enfield # 1 and #4 Stock Kits
- Ruger Mini-14 Stock Kits
- Ruger 10/22 Stock Kits (Including AR-22 Kits!)
- Various AR-15 Stocks, Grips and Forends.
- Various AK Stocks, Grips and Forends.
- Various rails, scope mounts, heat shields, barrel clamps/light mounts, shotgun magazine extensions and other accessories.
We have also received AR-22 Ruger 10/22 Kits that convert your Ruger 10/22 into an AR-15 platform!
Click here for more info on ATI Products.
Stock is limited, so please contact us to confirm availability and confirm your order to avoid disappointment if you haven't done so already! Stock will not last long!
Please note that as a result of global factors beyond our control we are having difficulty securing certain stock items from international suppliers. As a result, we ship what is available as soon as is practically possible and place the balance on backorder with the relevant supplier(s).
If we do not have stock on hand, please make sure that you place physical orders with us so that we can make sure that orders are placed as soon as possible in order to avoid unnecessary delays and disappointment.
We are busy allocating the new stock to orders. Available stock will be available in store from Saturday 17/05/2014.
We will do our utmost to pack and despatch all outstanding orders by Monday 19/05/2014.
Please feel free to contact your relevant sales person regarding progress of your order on Tuesday 20/05/2014 if you haven't heard from us by then.
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Tuesday, 6 May 2014

2014 WP Pin Shooting Champs

Shooters? Are YOU ready?!
Shooters? Ready?! Timers? Ready?! Guns on the rail..... These commands were heard far and wide at the Western Cape Shooting Union on the 5th and 6th of April 2014. The occasion? The Pin Shooting Association of Western Province hosted its annual Western Province Open Championships – a successful and exciting event for all Pin Shooters and spectators.

Pin   shooting   originated   in   the   U.S.A   and   was   the   brainchild   of Richard Davis of Second Chance body Armour fame. This informal and spectator friendly sport is offered as an alternative to practical pistol. It has since become a popular sport amongst South Africans, with clubs located in Natal, Limpopo, 
Gauteng and Western Province under the governing body the South African Pin Shooting Federation.
Pin   shooting   is   relatively inexpensive,   fast,   visually   exciting   and   basically simple. The objective is to shoot  bowling pins  off a  table  at  a distance of 7.6 meters. This sounds quite easy, but as with every sport there is a catch, because the 1.6Kg pins must be driven right off the back of the table. Pin shooting offers instant visual satisfaction to the spectator and shooter alike. Action is fast and furious and as a relatively inexpensive shooting sport, it should appeal to all shooters. 
Why bowling pins?
The first pin shoot recognized as such was conducted by Richard Davis who demonstrated the effectiveness of his company’s bullet proof vests by shooting himself with a large caliber handgun while wearing his vest then using the gun to shoot 5 bowling pins off a table. As you can guess this demonstration for his Second Chance bullet proof vests has proven very effective. Why has shooting bowling pins taken off to the extent it has? Because it's fun! Bowling pins are a dynamic target, if you hit them off centre they tend to fall down instead of being knocked off the table. Once they're lying down they tend to spin instead of falling off the table. These factors make the simple statement of "clear the table of 5 pins" more challenging than it sounds. 
The South African Pin Shooting Federation (SAPSF) currently has a growing membership base of around 400 members, about 70 of which belong to the Pin Shooting Association of Western Province (PSAWP). PSAWP recently moved its range from the Cape Town Pistol Club to the Western Cape Shooting Union near Atlantis in order to accommodate more members/shooters on the line and to get more exposure to the mainstream shooting community that frequents the many ranges located at the WCSU site.
The Western Province Open Championships 2014 proved to be a great success with a total attendance of 40 shooters – all of whom walked away with a prize and a medal. GI Combat Supplies was a sponsor of the WP Championships and helped make many a shooter happy with prizes such as Hi-Viz sights, Clothing items and various accessories! 
The two days of intense shooting in scorching weather conditions were tough but was enjoyed thoroughly by all involved, with an astounding display of camaraderie and spirit throughout the Championships. And what better way to end an occasion such as this than with prizes to make every shooter happy?

The over–all winners of the WP Championships were: 
1st Place Carl Tsai 
2nd Place William Colombo 
3rd Place Rodney Davids 
4th Place Lawrence Colombo
5th Place Sebastian Scheidereiter. 
Well done to these speedy competitors!
Fastest times on the core events were as follows:
9 Pin Tip Over (9 Pins on one-tier tables): William Colombo 4.87 Seconds
Stock Gun (5 Pins on two-tier tables):  Carl Tsai 4.40 Seconds
Pin Gun (5 Pins on two-tier tables): Rodney Davids 4.17 Seconds
Stock Revolver (8 Pins with a forced reload on two-tier tables): Lawrence Colombo 12.07 Seconds
Pin Revolver (8 Pins on two-tier tables): Carl Tsai 7.11 Seconds
The elective (None Core optional) events were: .22 Rifle Manual Action, .22 Rifle Self-loading, .22 Smith, Shotgun Manual Action, Shotgun Self-Loading and Self-Loading Rifle.
The basic kit for a beginner Pin Shooter would include (but not limited to):
Eye and ear protection
Firearms (A suggested list of which you can receive from any provincial Pin Shooting club.  At League Shoot level beginners may choose not to compete in all of the core events should they not own sufficient firearms for all the events).
Ammunition (At your standard League shoot* you will be shooting three tables per event, as a beginner one can work with a minimum of three shots per pin depending on the skill level of the shooter)
The SAPSF rule book, which can be found online at or at your nearest provincial club
R 150.00 for the entry fee per League Shoot
The Age Categories for Pin Shooting are as follows:
a.  Pee-Wee Category  ≤13 years old 
b.  Junior Category  14 to 18 years old 
c.  Open Category  19 to 49 years old 
d.  Senior Category      50 to 59 years old 
e.  Veteran Category  60 years old and above
To arrange an introduction to Pin Shooting feel free to contact your nearest Provincial Club or affiliate – we look forward to welcoming YOU!
Information on the rules and suggested firearms as well as contact details for the various provincial clubs and affiliates for Pin Shooting can be found on the Pin Shooting website:
- Written by Aziza de Villiers
Click here for more photos of the event.
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The GICS Team  

2014 WP Combat Rifle Championships

“Fall in!” a bellow from the Sergeant Major had the men double-timing into position on the Parade Ground of the Atlantis Military Shooting Range for the opening of the Annual WP Combat Rifle Association shoot on the 25th and 26th of April. 
As the men came to attention, the murmurs among the ranks were that the weather looked great, a perfect day for a long distance shoot with no wind or cloud cover. All that was to change later, as Cape Town is well known for its “Four-seasons-in-one-day” type of weather!
Combat Rifle is a world renowned sport where the emphasis falls on skills development for Force Preparation. This is one of the toughest and most challenging events in the Combat Rifle fraternity.
The aim of the shoot is to perform esprit de Corps between all members of other Forces (SANDF, Police and Correctional Services) competing against and to increase the numbers of all “Developed”/aspirant shottists. Importantly, the WPCR Association is committed to the transformation process and the development of its previously disadvantaged members.  Some of these members have already been taken up in the WP team event and in the individual category. Shooting on the day was LCprl. Viti who GI Combat Supplies sponsored shooting gear to previously as well as a new batch of up and coming young shottists.

The two days of shooting comprised of Individual, Unit Team, Mix Team as well as Test matches between the different Armed Forces. (SANDF, SAPS, RESERVE FORCE, AIR FORCE, NAVY and CORRECTIONAL SERVICES)
The team competition consists of 4 shottists in the unit team’s category and in the Inter-Forces team (between Defence Force, Police Services and Correctional Services) category, the team consists of 10 members. In the individual category the prizes were awarded for excellence in distance (100 to 400 metre). The Championship consists of 11 matches for the period, and the actual prizes added up to 80 medals for the three different categories (Developed members, shottist with open sights on rifles and shottists who shoot with scopes on their rifles.) 
GI Combat Supplies was honoured to be able to supply a selection of Condor Shooting gear and equipment including a shooting mat and fleece jacket that will come in handy for those times when the shottists are subjected to a cold, hard ground. Also included was Peltor ballistic shooting glasses and hearing protection. Peltor is fast becoming a common sight at these shoots with more and more riflemen switching to this great brand. 
The first day was the individual shooting matches with shottists starting at 100m and working back to 300m. The second day gave a chance to combined teams to shoot it out at the 300m mark. Shooting, spotting, co-ordination and team spirit are what combine to create a truly great team event.
When one considers all the exterior factors that can affect a .223 (5.56mm) diameter bullet including: Heat rising from the ground, winds travelling across the range at multiple angles, ballistic trajectory, fatigue, concentration and a hot or cold barrel shot, it is truly amazing that that little round can travel the distance and hit inside the x-ring of a target that is less than 5cm in diameter. Yet the South African’s were doing it all day. It was said during the Anglo-Boer War that the English feared “That boer that fights with a bible in one hand and a Mauser in the other”. The tradition of superb marksmanship is a noble South African rite that is passed down from generation to generation. Current shooters who were previously disadvantaged have been quick to pick up on the excellent instruction given by those grizzly old instructors and are leading the way in representing our country and services in future matches. We wait in anticipation for the results!  
Civilian Combat Rifle:
Another plus was that for the first time, a civilian compliment was allowed to shoot against the military teams. This was a trial run and the success of the endeavour means that is a first of many to come. Civilian Combat Rifle is growing in South Africa and has direct links to similar Civilian Marksmanship Programs in other countries. See the American link here: These groups are in turn similar to the Civilian Swiss Rifle Clubs and other countries’ civilian programs.
Here in the Cape, we are represented by the Western Province Civilian Combat Rifle Association, but our northern neighbours are the Central Private Combat Rifle Club. 
These shooters undergo the same rigorous safety instruction and on-the-range training as military shottists. With Dedicated Sport Status, members may apply for rifles that are current South African issue .223 semi-autos, but in a civilian configuration, (No select-fire option), in the form of LM4, 5 and 6 rifles. Members are required to wear a set uniform and obey the range commands, parades and drills. Many of these civilian shooters already come from a previous military background and can now use their skill-set to compete against current serving members.
The WPCCRA is sponsored by GI Combat Supplies with Tru-Spec All Terrain Tiger uniforms and SSV Battle Vests (jackets) and Peltor Hearing protectors. 
GI Combat Supplies encourages all forms of safe shooting sports and we would like to take the opportunity to thank LtCol Kriel and his staff for allowing us to again play a part in the successful event that was the 38th WP Combat Rifle Shoot.
Civilian Combat Rifle Association can be contacted on:
Central Private Combat Rifle Club can be contacted on:
Please do not hesitate to contact us on 021 555 3858 or with any questions or queries.
At your service, 
The GICS Team  

Saturday, 3 May 2014

Kevlar® XP™ Level IIIA Soft Armour Inserts

GICS is proud to offer the latest DuPont Kevlar® XP™ bullet resistant technology in our line of soft armour inserts which are tailored to be worn with the Condor range of Plate Carriers including the Defender Plate Carrier as well as the Condor Compact Plate carrier. (Custom solutions are available on request.)

Our Kevlar® XP™ Inserts are made in South Africa from DuPont Kevlar® XP™ by a trusted manufacturer with many years of experience in producing products for the security industry in South Africa. The panels have been tested and passed by the SABS to SANS 1658:2007 Level IIIA Standards and manufacturing is done to strict ISO 9001:2008 Standards. Every panel that is supplied includes a Lot, Serial and Batch Number that allows it to be traced back to the specific batch and roll of Kevlar® XP™ it was manufactured from.

“Kevlar® XP™ technology for Soft Body Armor helps offer more bullet-stopping power. This patented technology helps provide approximately a 15% reduction in back face deformation and superior ballistic performance in a 100% Kevlar® solution. 
Kevlar® XP™ for Soft Body Armor technology helps manufacturers provide more comfortable vest designs with at least a 10% reduction in overall weight, helping to give officers the freedom of movement they need to protect themselves, their partners, and the public.”
When a bullet strikes a standard bullet resistant vest, the resulting backface deformation can cause serious ballistic or trauma injuries. Kevlar® XP™ decreases the impact, thus reducing backface deformation by approximately 15% or more. It is also able to maintain its performance in extreme field conditions that Law Enforcement Officers and Security Professionals face, including heat, humidity and wear. Tests have shown that Kevlar® XP™ typically stops bullets within the first 3 layers of an 11 layer insert. Allowing the remaining layers to absorb the bullet’s energy which results in less trauma to the vest wearer and ultimately less chance of serious injury. 
We are proud to offer our customers only the best quality of protection available today in the form of Kevlar® XP™ Soft Armour inserts. 
We are also able to offer hard armor plates to increase protection to Level III or IV to protect against higher threats. Side Plates are also available.
Get more info on DuPont Kevlar® XP™ Level IIIA insert panels and other related products offered by GICS byclicking here.
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