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Wednesday, 19 November 2014

GICS FLASHbang Sale! Ends Midnight on 21/11/2014!

Brace yourselves! We've just pulled the pin on another GICS FLASHbang Sale! #GICSFLASHbangSale
Get a MASSIVE 20% off these awesome products, while stocks last, when ordering via our website during this limited time offer!
• Peltor Sporttac Electronic Hearing Protectors - Click here
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• Mechanix M-PACT Gloves - Click here
• Condor Colossus Duffle Bags - Click here
• Condor Instructors Belts - Click here
• Condor Vault Tri-Fold Wallets - Click here
This offer is limited to the first 50 qualifying orders on our website, while stocks last and will expire at Midnight on Friday 21 November 2014! So what are you waiting for?!
Tell your friends, but not before you have placed YOUR order! We are pulling the pin at 12:01 (Lunchtime) on Wednesday 19/11/2014 and the Sale ends at 23:59 on Friday 21/11/2014. Don't miss out!
Terms and Conditions:
* Sale is valid until 23:59 on 21 November 2014.
* This Sale is valid online on the GICS Website only.
* Sale is valid while stocks last.
* GICS reserves the right to stop, cancel, extend or amend this promotion at any time for whatever reason at it's own discretion.
* GICS Management decisions are final.
Click here to place your order.
Remember to keep your eyes on our website and our social media platforms to take advantage of future FLASHbang Sales! You never know when we'll toss another one at you.
Please do not hesitate to contact us on 021 555 3858 or with any questions or queries.
At your service,
The GICS Team

Friday, 14 November 2014

General Pricing Updates

Despite trying to hold off doing so, we have been forced to revise and update pricing on a number of brands and products due to the weakening Rand.
We have already updated a number of brands and will continue to update others over the next week or two.
We have tried to limit price increases as far as possible and we are pleased to confirm that we have managed to avoid pricing increases for the following brands so far:
- Magpul
- MDT Stocks and Accessories
- Mechanix Wear Gloves
- Tac Shield
With regards to Magpul, we have managed to secure even better pricing and as a result, we have managed to avoid a price increase and some products have actually come down in price!
Click here to view Magpul products.
Our final Magpul shipment for the year will be here before Christmas, so be sure to place your orders to avoid disappointment.
New products and pricing are constantly being updated on our website, so be sure to check in regularly by clicking here.
Remember to take advantage of our Christmas Sale. You can find out more by clicking here.
Wholesale enquiries from dealers, gunsmiths and other resellers are most welcome. Please email with wholesale enquiries.
Please do not hesitate to contact us on 021 555 3858 or with any questions or queries.
At your service,
The GICS Team

Thursday, 13 November 2014

GICS Ultimate 3 Day Assault Pack Competition!

We have decided to see who can come up with the most innovative, practical or just downright cool loadout for a Condor 3 Day Assault Pack! We want to see your creative input and see what you would put into your perfect 3 Day Assault Pack. It can be set up however you want, for whatever purpose, be it Deployment, Hiking, EMS, back of your car or a Bug Out Bag – Whatever you choose, the GICS Website is at your disposal!
The winner will win a Condor 3 Day Assault Pack!
To take part in this competition, you will need to create a Wishlist on your GICS account on the GICS website, named “GICS Ultimate Assault Pack Competition”. Then, simply start adding items you would like to pack into your Ultimate Assault Pack, including a Condor 3 Day Assault Pack in the colour of your choice. (Solid Colours only.)
Once you have set up your Ultimate Assault Pack Wishlist with all the items you want in it, use the permalink to publish your Wishlist on your Facebook timeline, along with this phrase: “My GI Combat Supplies Ultimate Assault Pack Loadout” and the hashtag #GICSUltimateWishList
The Hashtag needs to be included so that your post will be grouped with other entries. If you do not include the Hashtag, we will not see your post!
Once your post is up, get your friends to Like it, because the top 10 Posts will be selected and shortlisted for review by the GICS Team to choose a winner. The sooner you get your posts up and get your friends to like your post, the better!
The judges will be looking for the most practical and innovative 3 Day Assault Pack loadout.
Entries close on the 12th of December 2014 and a winner will be selected and announced by the GICS Team thereafter.
If you are unsure how to create and share a Wishlist on the GICS Website, please click here. If you have any problems, please feel free to email and we will be happy to help you out.
Terms and Conditions:
* Competition ends Friday 12 December 2014.
* Only people in the Republic of South Africa may enter the competition.
* Winners will be announced on the GICS website, newsletter and Facebook Page.
* Prizes are not transferrable.
* GICS reserves the right to stop, cancel, extend or amend this promotion at any time for whatever reason at it's own discretion.
* Judges and GICS Management decisions are final.
* Standard Terms and Conditions apply.
Please do not hesitate to contact us on 021 555 3858 or with any questions or queries.
At your service,
The GICS Team

Friday, 7 November 2014

New ATI Shipment has Arrived!

We are pleased to announce that  our latest ATI shipment has finally arrived!
Available ATI Products include:
- Tactical Shotgun Stock Kits, Grips, Stocks and Forends in Black and Dark Earth (Fit M500, Defenders and 870's.)
- Enfield # 1 and #4 Stock Kits in Black and Dark Earth as well as Enfield Scope Mounts
- Ruger Mini-14 Stock Kits and Accessories
- Ruger 10/22 Stock Kits and Accessories
- Various AR-15 Stocks, Grips and Forends including carbine, rifle and 15" Free Float Rail Systems.
- Various AK Stocks, Grips and Forends.
- Various rails, scope mounts, heat shields, barrel clamps/light mounts, side saddles, shotgun magazine extensions and other acccessories.
Click here for more info on ATI Products.
Stock is limited, so please contact us to confirm availability and confirm your order to avoid disappointment if you haven't done so already! Stock will not last long!
Please note that as a result of global factors beyond our control we are having difficulty securing certain stock items from international suppliers. As a result, we ship what is available as soon as is practically possible and place the balance on backorder with the relevant supplier(s).
If we do not have stock on hand, please make sure that you place physical orders with us so that we can make sure that orders are placed as soon as possible in order to avoid unnecessary delays and disappointment.
We are busy allocating the new stock to orders. Available stock will be available in store from Saturday 08/11/2014.
We will do our utmost to pack and despatch all outstanding orders by Monday 10/11/2014.
Please feel free to contact your relevant sales person regarding progress of your order on Tuesday 11/11/2014 if you haven't heard from us by then.
Wholesale enquiries are most welcome. Email with wholesale enquiries.
Please do not hesitate to contact us on 021 555 3858 or with any questions or queries.
At your service,
The GICS Team

Thursday, 6 November 2014

Latest ATI Shipment Delay and ETA

Following recent changes in ATI's international sales policies, we utilised the services of a new service provider to ship the latest ATI shipment to us.
Due to unforseen circumstances, the shipment has been delayed several weeks longer than anticipated and we apologise to all our customers for this. This is not the service that is expected of us, nor what we want to provide to our customers.
Fortunately, the problem areas have been identified and we do not forsee such delays with future shipments.
We have been promised to receive the cargo wthin the next few days. We will receive and start despatching the goods as soon as possible thereafter.
We apologise for these delays and assure you of our ongoing commitment to providing our customers with the very best service possible in our very unique and ever changing industry.
Click here for info about ATI products.
Please do not hesitate to contact us on 021 555 3858 or with any questions or queries.
At your service,
The GICS Team

GICS Gift Vouchers

With Christmas just around the corner, a GICS Gift Voucher is a great gift for the friend or family member that you just don't know what to buy for Christmas.
GICS Gift Vouchers are available Online or In Store in multiples of R50.00. Eg: R50.00, R100.00, R150.00 etc.When you purchase a GICS Gift Voucher, if you would like the Gift Voucher to be personalised with the recipients name, please provide his/her name. For Online Gift Voucher purchases, please specify the name in the comments field.
An electronic, printable Voucher will be issued with each Gift Voucher purchase.
Click here to find out more about GICS Gift Vouchers.
Click here for info on the GICS Christmas Sale.
Please do not hesitate to contact us on 021 555 3858 or with any questions or queries.
At your service,
The GICS Team

Tuesday, 4 November 2014

CGA 155th Year Anniversary Combat Rifle Open Championships

Saturday the 4th of October saw the staging of the CGA 155th Year Anniversary Combat Rifle Open Championships.

The competition again took place at Atlantis SANDF GoedeHoop Shooting Range Atlantis and was hosted by Cape Garrison Artillery Officer Commanding LtCol Bob Visser. The Range officer in charge for the day was MWO Pedro Dios - Lobo. The program for the day called in competitors from the Combat Rifle fraternity that includes the SANDF, SAPS, DCS and various Civilian Clubs shooting assault type rifles.

After a brief prayer and safety instruction the group was broken into two details: One detail would manage the targets in the “butts” and the other would fire the first shots downrange. Each Serviceman or woman was paired up with a civilian. 
Starting at 100m, shottists were allowed 3 x 5 shot groupings to set in their sights and then the competition began in earnest with a 100m Snap and Rapid. The air was shattered with the volley as the firing-line opened up!
Throughout the day the two details changed position, working their way back towards the distant 300m mark in front of the clubhouse. To give an idea of the distance, at 300m the front sight almost completely hides the target and the shooter must “feel” the bullets into the x-ring. Quite a feat with the wind that picked up later and the heat beginning to make waves from about midday onward!
The shoot went off without a hitch and the ease with which the stages flowed belayed all the hard work that had gone on behind the scenes to make it such a fantastic event. “Hats off” for all the hard work by LtCol Visser and his team of dedicated soldiers who were putting up and preparing targets in the dark and then taking them down afterwards with drilled precision.

The Day ended with a prize-giving in the clubhouse where all got together for a wonderful Potjie (choice of Beef or Chicken or Both!). This food extravaganza had the blokes and gal’s mouth’s watering at the 300m mark whilst they were shooting as the meals were prepared just scant meters away outside the clubhouse over a slow fire! Everyone tucked in with relish and at the end of the day there was still enough in the pots to be collected for donations to those less privileged in Atlantis. All hats off to WO. Riaan Muller and the Bierman family.
Prizes sponsored by GI Combat Supplies included Jackets and Gear Bags from Condor, Boonies (Bush Hats) from TruSpec and Eye and Ear Protection from 3M Peltor.
Scores for the day as follows:
X- Combat Scoped, A- Open Sights Experienced Shottists, B - (Civilian), OA - Open A-Class .223 rifles.
1st Place Winners on the day:
100m Snap: X – Dias Lobo, A- Watt, B – Human, OA – Sherwood.
100m Rapid: X – Ras, A – Viti, B – Wallace, OA – Viljoen.
200m Snap: X – Dias Lobo, A – Manning, B – Wallace, OA – D. le Roux.
200m Rapid: X – Ras, A – Watt, B – Dalhuyson, OA – Koudstall.
300m Sustained: X – Dias Lobo, A – Latoli, B – R. le Roux , OA – v/d Westhuizen
300m Snap: X- Ras, A – Watt, B – Dalhuysen, OA – Viljoen.
300m Rapid: X – Van Greunen, A – Watt, B – Bekker, OA – Viljoen.
Ladies Champs: 1st - Viti, 2nd – Latoli, 3rd v/d Westhuizen.
Veteran Champs: 1st – Dias Lobo, 2nd – Manning, 3rd - Van Greunen.
Day Champion: X – Dias Lobo, A – Manning, B – Wallace, OA – Viljoen.
Overall Champs: 1st Dias Lobo (252), 2nd Manning (228), 3rd Viti (226).
Of special mention: Neville Koudstall of “Legally Armed Western Cape” in Stellenbosch proving that Gun Shop owners and Winemakers can also hit the bull, by snapping up three medals including a Gold for 200m Rapid using an AR15 rifle. His lady friend Yvette van der Westhuizen also did extremely well. Eyes on for an up-and-coming Viljoen with his Smith and Wesson M&P 15 Rifle securing 8 medals in OA class including 4 Gold!The Vrijstaat Arms and Ammunition Association (CT Branch) – Chairman MC Heunis and four others from Bloemfontein were also in attendance as well as Kraaifontein Shooting Club (3 Gun) Chairman Chris Els and 14 of his members. The MOTHS were also represented with 11 members. A special mention to the 2 wheel chair shooters who travelled all the way from Robertson to take part.
Members of the Western Province Civilian Combat Rifle Club were also in attendance in their new GI Combat Sponsored TruSpec All Terrain Tiger BDU Uniforms shooting alongside the old salts. Civilian Combat Rifle Shooting is a resurrection of a true time-honoured tradition of civilian shottists using military rifles (semi-auto only) for competition. Matches are shot with and against serving members and reservists such as at the CGA Shoot. International and National events are also staged. Shooters who are interested in joining the WPCCRA can contact the chairman: Charles Mollet on 0824039650.

On a sad note: One of the key members of WPCCRA, Mike Bierman, responded to a house-breaking at home on his motorcycle and was involved in an accident on-route leaving the shoot . Currently he is under observation and we anxiously await news of his improved condition. All strength to you Mike!
Apart from this grey cloud, the day went off superbly and we look forward with great anticipation to next year’s shoot. 
Civilians and uniformed persons interested in partaking in such a shoot and who qualify to do so may contact: Bdr. Dewald le Roux on
Thank You to GillyBean Photography for some really super shots (Gill’s choice of weapon is her camera and a superb eye!) and thank you to Cape Garrison and Officer Commanding LtCol Bob Visser and his staff for what proved again to be an outstanding event.”
Click here for more photos of the day.
At your service, The GICS Team

Saturday, 1 November 2014

GICS 2014 Online Christmas Sale!

We are please to announce the GICS 2014 Online Christmas Sale.
Spend over R2500.00 on the GICS website between 1 November and 23 December 2014 and receive FREE Shipping to your door anywhere in SA.
Spend over R5000.00 and receive FREE Shipping to your door anywhere in SA AND receive a further 5% discount on the value of your order.
Be sure to tell your friends, family and loved one's as it is a great way to make sure that you get what you WANT for Christmas. Send your Wishlist to your friends and family to make sure they know what you WANT. (Avoid socks and underwear this year!)
Click here to find out how to use and share your wishlist on the GICS website.
* Be sure to select the Fedex Economy Courier option to receive your free shipping.
Terms and Conditions:
* Sale is valid from 1 November 2014 until 23 December 2014.
* This Sale is valid online on the GICS Website only.
* Free shipping will be sent via Door to Door 48 - 72 hour courier service.
* Free shipping within the borders of South Africa only.
* 5% Discount is applicable to the value of goods ordered, excluding shipping.
* This sale/promotion cannot be combined with other promotions. * GICS reserves the right to stop, cancel, extend or ammend this promotion at any time for whatever reason at it's own discretion.* GICS Management decisions are final.* Standard terms and conditions apply.
Click here to place your order!
Please do not hesitate to contact us on 021 555 3858 or with any questions or queries.
At your service,
The GICS Team