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Friday, 16 January 2015

DZI Level IIIA First Response Vest

The DZI (Drop Zone Industries) Level IIIA First Response Vest is an economical solution for those who need a functional vest that provides many features security professionals require along with Level IIIA ballistic protection.
The vest itself is made from quality materials and features a front zip closure with side release buckles for a secure fit. The integrated Tactical Belt also provides an added level of security to ensure a good fit of the vest to the user. The Kevlar XP Level IIIA Inserts are part of the vest and overlap in the front to ensure full front protection of vital areas as well as back and side coverage.

The First Response Vest is a utilitarian vest and features a cross draw Pistol Holster with a retention strap that will accommodate most pistols. A Flashlight Pouch is provided on the holster. There are also Pistol Magazine, Rifle Magazine Pouches (Will fit LM4/LM5 Magazines.) as well as a Shotgun Shell Holder.
Finally, there is a handheld Radio Pouch. Additional pouches like Handcuff Pouches, Pepper Spray Pouches or Baton Pouches can be attached to the Tactical Belt. The vest is adjustable from sizes Small to 2XL.
The DZI First Response Vest offers an economical ballistic protection solution to those in the security industry or the budget conscious individual who needs a rapid response vest. The DZI First Response Vest offers a lot of bang for your buck without breaking the bank.
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