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Saturday, 3 December 2011

Magnum Boots - The Most Progressive Brand in the Industry?

Magnum Boots have a reputation for being one of the top brands for tactical footwear in the industry, being both athletic in design and comfort, but built to withstand harsh conditions. The latest generation of Magnum’s tactical series of footwear is testament to just how progressive this brand is. 

For Soldiers, By Soldiers:

In 1998 Magnum set up their own dedicated Magnum Advisory Committee (MAC), which comprised of various members of the Emergency Services, Law Enforcement and Military forces working along side the Magnum Development Team. This resulted in footwear designed to the specific requirements of the end user, truly purpose made footwear for the demands of the job.

This progressive thinking has continued even today. The Sidewinder Desert Boots were purpose designed for the rigours of modern combat and feature some of the most innovative technological advancements in boot design. Though these innovations do not stop on the drawing board. Magnum have altered and tweaked the design of these boots since their launch, hearing the feedback given by soldiers serving in Afghanistan and Iraq on the performance of this boot. These are some of the innovations you will find on the current generation of Sidewinder HPi Combat Desert Boots.
Magnum Footwear 001
Ion-Mask Technology:

The HPi designation means these boots have been treated with Ion-Mask technology. This ground breaking and masterful use of technology is essentially a protective coating on a molecular (nano) level. As opposed to a surface treatment of the material, the Ion-Mask process literally treats every individual fibre in the material making the end product Hydro-Phobic (hence the HPi designation). This means the fibres of the materials in the boot do not soak up water or moisture and instead repel it. So, whilst water may still get into the boot, it will not stay there and will not soak into the fabrics. This means that the boots dry quicker and do not get heavy from being water logged. 

This technology also allows the boot to be resistant to dirt and stains, as well as remain breathable and ensure good ventilation. 


SuperFabric is a brand of materials engineered to be the toughest in the world. Giving superior resistance to abrasions, punctures and cuts while remaining highly flexible. 

The Sidewinder Desert Combat Boots feature Superfabric on the toe section, offering protection in an area common to wear and tear, as well as a protective panel on the inside side of the boot for Fast-roping. This protective panel features ceramic beads which offer superior resistance to abrasion and friction generated heat that is caused by Fast-Roping, this in conjunction with the exclusively produced Vibram V4 fast rope protective area built into the outsole offers unsurpassed resistance to abrasion damage for rappel work.

The rest of the boot is constructed from 2mm high grade leather, and 1200 Denier Nylon panels for added breathability and ventilation. 

Vibram Sole:

Vibram have established themselves as the market leader in footwear soles designed specifically for outdoor, law enforcement and military application. Frankly if your boots do not have a Vibram Sole, you aren’t wearing the right boots. The sole on the Sidewinder Desert Combat Boots has been tailor made by Vibram to be the hardest wearing sole possible. This is possibly one of the best examples of how Magnum have progressed the design of their boots based on field reports. Soldiers had complained about the previous generation of soles being easily cut up on the rocky terrain of Afghanistan, so Magnum had Vibram produce a sole that is as tough as nails specifically for this boot. 

The sole of this boot also has some subtle and neat design features which you probably wouldn’t notice, but will be thankful for. Such as the rounded heel section which makes sitting in a vehicle, especially when driving, that much more comfortable.

These boots also feature a Rigid Flex insole board, as opposed to the traditional steel shank, as well as a dual density polyurethane mid-sole. This brings us neatly onto the boot liner.

Ortholite Comform Foot Bed:

Ortholite are the leading manufacturer of memory foam technology foot beds in the industry. These foot beds provide highly resilient support and cushioning for much longer than other, more conventional foot beds. Ortholite foot beds use a specialist foam material crafted from an open-cell polyurethane layer which is proven to retain up to 95% of its cushioning in the first year of use. This basically means that your boots feel like new every time you put them on. The open-cell foam is also lightweight and breathable, allowing air to pass through the boot for better ventilation and moisture wicking.

Magnum use the highest density Ortholite 1.3 foot beds, which means maximum comfort, breathability moisture wicking and anti-bacterial function to create a cooler, drier and overall much healthier environment inside your boots. The very low compression set in this formulation of Ortholite foot beds means that the comfort and integrity of the foot bed will remain constant through the life-span of the boot. If that wasn’t good enough, these foot beds are also removable and washable – simply throw them in the washing machine and they come out like new.

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