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Thursday, 15 December 2011

GICS Silly Saturday Open Day, Crazy Specials List!

This is a final reminder about our Silly Saturday Open Day with crazy specials, demos, exhibitions, airsoft combat shoot, jumping castle boxing ring and free boerewors rolls on Saturday 17/12/2011. 

Click here for more info and details:

There will be AMAZING in store specials on various products (Up to 50% off on some items.), there will be an in store competition where you can win a KSC Magpul FPG, an airsoft shotgun and pistol combat shoot competition where the winner of the shotgun class will win a DE M56 Spring Shotgun and the the winner of the pistol class will win an EDI-T 250 Lumen T34 Flashlight.

The new Magnum Spider Multicam 5.1 HPi Shoes will be in stock and on show and the all new range of Skilhunt Flashlights will also be on show.

There will be a 1 hour unarmed combat/street survival course exhibition presented by Alan Ives, a former British Army Instructor and current Close Protection Officer with over 15 years experience in hostile enironments held at 10:00 and 12:00. Anyone is welcome to attend and view the exhibition. 

In Store Specials on Saturday 17/12/2011 include:

- KSC G18C GBB Pistols @ R2350.00 Regular Price: R2650.00
- Deep Fire M4A1 Silver Series AEG's @ R2100.00 Regular Price: R2350.00
- ARES M3A1 Grease Gun AEG @ R2800.00 Regular Price: R3200.00
- Peltor Maxim Ballistic Shooting Glasses Utility Packs @ R450.00 Regular Price: R550.00
- Smoke'M Smoke Devices @ R80.00 Regular Price: R100.00
- NcStar 30-90x90 Spotting Scopes with Tripod and Case @ R1500.00 Regular Price: R1950.00
- Portable Dual Gas Stoves @ R200.00 Regular Price: R300.00
- Camping Gaz Emergency Kits @ R250.00 Regular Price: R350.00
- 26" Extendable Batons and Pouches @ R280.00 Regular Price: R380.00
- 5th Gen 4x32 Red/Green Illuminated Rifle Scopes @ R650.00 Regular Price R900.00
- UTG Ranger Field Bags - Black @ R550.00 Regular Price R650.00
- UTG Ranger Field Bags - ACU @ 700.00 Regular Price R600.00
- Devgru Operator Throat Microphones @ R1000.00 Regular Price R1350.00
- Fobus Holsters and Accessories @ TBC
- Various Tru-Spec apparel items @ TBC
- Patches, glow sticks, airsoft spares and accessories, DVD's and many more...

Half Price Specials on Saturday 17/12/2011 include:

- Woodland Digital T-Shirts Was R110.00 now R55.00
- Woodland Camo T-Shirt Was R110.00 now R55.00
- OD T-Shirt Was R110.00 now R55.00
- Desert Digital T-Shirt Was R110.00 now R55.00
- Kids Woodland Camo Flight Coverall Was R440.00 now R220.00
- Tru-Spec Shorts from R125.00!
- Berets from R10.00
- PASGT/M88 Replica Helmet Was R250.00 now R125.00
- Multicam Tactical Cap Was R150.00 now R75.00
- TMC Steel Mesh Half Face Mask Was R180.00 now R90.00
- Ladies Shirts and Tank Tops from R60.00
- NcStar Pistol Bag Was R150.00 now R75.00
- War File Documentary DVD’s Was R95.00 now R50.00
- Blackhawk Patrol Radio Chest Hairness Was R620.00 now R350.00
- Tru-Spec Combat Shirt Was R750.00 now R375.00
- Tru-Spec H2O ECWCS Gen 1 Parka was R1150.00 now R600.00
- Tru-Spec M65 Field Jacket was R850.00 now R425.00
- NcStar Sniper Drag Bag was R850.00 now R425.00
- Condor Elite 8” Tactical Boots in Multicam, was R1650.00 now R1000.00
- Condor Elite 8” Tactical Boots in Black or Tan was R1100.00 now R750.00
- Fobus 9mm Double Mag Pouch Was R300.00 now R150.00
- Fobus Beretta M91 Holster Was R300.00 now R150.00
- Fobus Beretta Vertec (Z88) Holster was R300.00 now R150.00
- Fobus Thigh Rig was R300.00 now R150.00
- Fobus H&K USP Compact Holster was R300.00 now R150.00
- Fobus Roto MOLLE Platform was R335.00 now R170.00
- Seal Man Mask  Was R250.00 Now R125.00
- Iron Face Lower face Protector – Tan  Was R150.00 now R75
- Condor Kevlar Gloves- Black – XL (Slight factory defect) was R400.00 now R200.00
- Snappy Glow Sticks  Was R20.00 now R10.00
- Strike Systems XT Gridmask  Was R300.00 now R150.00
- Strike Systems Glasses   Was R100.00 now R50.00
- Strike Systems SWAT Belt Was R200.00 now R100.00
- Tan Rifle Padded Cheek Rest (Slight Factory Defect) was R150.00 now R75.00
- Dboys Gearbox Casing V2  Was R220.00 now R110.00
- Replica Multicam SAS Smock – XL  Was R850.00 now R425.00
- Dboys M4 Plastic Hand Guard Set Was R200.00 now R100.00
- ICS Galil Top Cover (no iron sights) was R250.00 now R125.00
- ICS M4 Magazine Clamp Was R150.00 now R75.00
- Pro-Arms RIS Front Sight Mount for MP5/G3 x 1 was R150.00 now R75.00
- Element C-More style Red Dot Sight Was R500 now R250.00
- ICS MP5 SD6 Silencer was R300.00 now R150.00
- Element M4 Locking Receiver Pin Set Was R75.00 now R40.00
- T1 Style Mini Red Dot Sight Was R500.00 now R250.00
- Element Railed Red Dot Sight Was R650.00 now R325.00
- KAC Style 1” Ring Mount Was R120.00 now R60.00
- Barrel Thread Adaptor Was R80.00 now R40.00
- M4 Carry Handle Rail was R120.00 now R60.00
- M4 Tri-Rail Was R180.00 now R90.00
- G&G Raider Style Foregrip Was R180.00 now R90.00
- ICS MP5 Replacement J-Stock Was R500.00 now R250.00
- Black Cat Eye Band was R20.00 now R10.00
- M4 AEG pistol Grip (no bottom plate) @ R50.00
- Short G36 Rails x 2 @ R50.00
- 3.7v Li-ion 2500mah Rechargeable Flashlight Batteries Was R150.00 now R75.00
- ASG 200rd Speedloaders Was R120.00 now R60.00

* All specials are valid in store on Saturday 17/12/2011 only.
* All specials are valid while stocks last.

Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions or queries on 021 555 3858 or

GICS will be open from 09:00 - 14:00 on Saturday 17/12/2011.

Please note GICS will also be OPEN on Friday 16/12/2011 from 09:00 - 16:00.

We look forward to you and your family joining us on Saturday 17/12/2011 for our festive celebration.

At your service, 
The GICS Team


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