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Friday, 9 December 2011

GICS Silly Saturday Open Day, Specials and Combat Shoot - 17/12/2011

As 2011 draws to an end and the Silly Season approaches, as a thank you to you our loyal customers, we have decided to have one final Very Silly, Social Saturday, Open Day and Combat Shoot on Saturday 17/12/2011.

There will be AMAZING in store specials on various products (Up to 50% off on some items.), there will be an in store competition where you can win a KSC Magpul FPG, an airsoft shotgun and pistol combat shoot competition where the winner of the shotgun class will win a DE M56 Spring Shotgun and the the winner of the pistol class will win an EDI-T 250 Lumen T34 Flashlight.

The new Magnum Spider Multicam 5.1 HPi Shoes will be in stock and on show and the all new range of Skilhunt Flashlights will also be on show.

There will be a 1 hour unarmed combat/street survival course exhibition presented by Alan Ives, a former British Army Instructor and current Close Protection Officer with over 15 years experience in hostile enironments held at 10:00 and 12:00. Anyone is welcome to attend and view the exhibition. 

There will be a jumping castle/boxing ring for the kids (And adults?) and free boerewors rolls. (From 11:00, first come first served.) Snacks will be on sale. (Vending machine.)

Bring the family and take part in our Festive Season celebration.

As it is still December, our Silly Season Specials will still be applicable so there are even more amazing specials to be had:
  • Buy or order any pair of Magnum Boots during the month of December 2011 and get a R50.00 GICS Gift Voucher to be redeemed against your next purchase.
  • Buy or order any electric airsoft device (AEG) during the month December 2011 and get a pair of safety glasses free.\
  • Buy or order any gas blow back airsoft device (GBB) during the month of December 2011 and get 2 x 465g Coleman Propane Canisters free.
  • Spend R2500.00 or more at once (On one invoice.) at GICS during the month of December 2011 and get a R100.00 GICS Gift Voucher to be redeemed against your next purchase.
These specials are independent of each other meaning that if you purchase a pair of Magnum Boots, an AEG and a GBB device that come to more than R2500.00, you will get a R50.00 gift voucher with the boots, a pair of safety glasses with the AEG, 2 x propane canisters with the GBB device AND a further R100.00 gift voucher for spending R2500.00 or more at once. It doesn't get much sillier than that!

Click here for more info on our Silly Season Specials.

In addition to the above, as we have just launched the GICS Customer Loyalty Progamme, ask for your new loyalty card in store on Saturday 17/12/2011 before you make your purchases and you will ALSO earn loyalty points on your purchases which you can use to receive discounts against future purchases, specials and promotions. Being a GICS Loyalty Programme member also allows you to earn points and qualify for preferential pricing.

Click here for more info on the GICS Loyalty Programme. 

In Store Specials on Saturday 17/12/2011 include:

- KSC G18C GBB Pistols @ R2350.00 Regular Price: R2650.00
- Deep Fire M4A1 Silver Series AEG's @ R2100.00 Regular Price: R2350.00
- ARES M3A1 Grease Gun AEG @ R2800.00 Regular Price: R3200.00
- Peltor Maxim Ballistic Shooting Glasses Utility Packs @ R450.00 Regular Price: R550.00
- Smoke'M Smoke Devices @ R80.00 Regular Price: R100.00
- NcStar 30-90x90 Spotting Scopes with Tripod and Case @ R1500.00 Regular Price: R1950.00
- Portable Dual Gas Stoves @ R200.00 Regular Price: R300.00
- Camping Gaz Emergency Kits @ R250.00 Regular Price: R350.00
- 26" Extendable Batons and Pouches @ R280.00 Regular Price: R380.00
- 5th Gen 4x32 Red/Green Illuminated Rifle Scopes @ R650.00 Regular Price R900.00
- UTG Ranger Field Bags - Black @ R550.00 Regular Price R650.00
- UTG Ranger Field Bags - ACU @ 700.00 Regular Price R600.00
- Devgru Operator Throat Microphones @ R1000.00 Regular Price R1350.00
- Fobus Holsters and Accessories @ TBC
- Various Tru-Spec apparel items @ TBC
- Patches, glow sticks, airsoft spares and accessories, DVD's and many more...

Spend R500.00 or more In Store at GICS on Saturday 17/11/2011 and get entered into a lucky draw to win a KSC Magpul FPG. (Valued at R5000.00, click here for more info.)

Terms and Conditions:

* Silly Saturday Specials are valid in store at GICS on Saturday 17/12/2011 only.
* Stocks are limited and all specials are valid while stocks last.
* Specials are not applicable to wholesale customers.
* Please remember to ask for your special item or rewards at the time of purchase. Specials will not be redeemed after the time of purchase.

The airsoft shotgun and pistol combat shoot will take place in the upstairs shooting range. There will be a single timed course that will be administered by a range officer and all times set in this course will count towards the best time of the day. (For Shotgun and Pistol respectively.)

Anyone who wishes to participate in the pistol class needs to bring their own airsoft pistol, BB's and gas if applicable. We will be providing shotguns with BB's for those who wish to participate in the shotgun challenge. As a result, anyone may enter the shotgun challenge whether a first time visitor or a member of the furniture.

The pistol shoot will take place between 10:00 and 12:00. (You need to set your time(s) between this period.)
The shotgun shoot will take place between 12:00 and 14:00. (again, you need to set your time(s) between this period.)

You simply have to join the queue and you may set as many times as you wish in each class.

While eye protection will be provided, please bring your own if you have.

Please note, safety comes first and eye protection is mandatory in the upstairs shooting range at ALL TIMES.

All times will be recorded for the 2 classes (Shotgun and Pistol.) by the range officer and the top 10 times in each class will be published on our website.

The winner of the shotgun class will win a DE M56 Spring Shotgun and the the winner of the pistol class will with an EDI-T 250 Lumen T34 Flashlight.

Time allowing, prizes will be awared on the day.

Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions or queries on 021 555 3858 or

GICS will be open from 09:00 - 14:00 on Saturday 17/12/2011.

We look forward to you and your family joining us for our festive celebration.

At your service, 
The GICS Team


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