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Friday, 26 October 2012

Tru-Spec Price Increase

Due to various factors, we have been forced to increase pricing on Tru-Spec products.

These increases have been done in conjunction with Atlanco/Tru-Spec in the US in order to ensure the sustainability and availability of the Tru-Spec brand and products in South Africa.

Reasons for the increase include global increases in raw materials (Such as cotton.) and as a result an increase in manufacturing cost. The Rand has also weakened considerably against the US Dollar over the last year and this added to the high duties payable on clothing and apparel have forced prices up even more.

On a positive note, we hope that this will be the last increase for some time.

Tru-Spec is a global leader in military, law enforcement and public safety personnel uniforms and clothing. The Tru-Spec 24/7 range also offers a range of on/off duty clothing that is perfect for plain clothes law enforcement officers, CP Officers,  use on the range, in the field or for every day use.

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Tru-Spec Uniforms and Apparel. It's Gunny Approved! 

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