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Thursday, 11 October 2012

GICS Christmas 2012 Gun Runner Promotion Launched!

It’s nearing that time of year again and to avoid the mad Christmas rush this year, we have launched our Christmas Gun Runner Pre-Order Promotion a little bit earlier!

As with previous Gun Runner Promotions, the following items are available at a heavily reduced price for Pre-Order. 

You are required to pay for the item in full upfront in order to qualify for the special Pre Order price. 

The following items are on this year’s Gun Runner Christmas Pre-Order Promotion:

WE M4A1 AEG @ R2200.00... Normal Price: R2600.00 
WE M4 RAS GBB Rifle  @ R3800.00... Normal Price: R4200.00
WE M16A3 GBB Rifle  @ R3800.00... Normal Price: R4200.00
WE AK PMC GBB Rifle  @ R4500.00... Normal Price: R5000.00
WE AceVD GBB Rifle  @ R5800.00... Normal Price: R6500.00
WE L85 GBB Rifle  @ R4200.00... Normal Price: R4650.00
Silverback PP-19 Bison-2 AEG @ R5350.00... Normal Price: R5750.00
Ares  FNC Long Version AEG @ R2800.00... Normal Price: R3100.00
Echo1 M240B AEG @ R8400.00... Normal Price: R9000.00
Cyma AKM Steel & Real Wood AEG @ R1800.00... Normal Price: R2000.00
Cyma AKMS Steel & Real Wood AEG @ R2000.00... Normal Price: R2250.00
A&K M249 Para AEG @ R2800.00... Normal Price: R3000.00
Inokatsu 1911A1 Full Steel Co2 GBB Pistol @ R5600.00... Normal Price: R6000.00
KWA Tokarev TT-33 GBB Pistol @ R2000.00... Normal Price: R2250.00
King Arms Blazer R93 LRS1 Ultra Grade Spring Sniper Rifle @ R3200.00... Normal Price: R3500.00
Hakkotsu M40A1 Spring Sniper Rifle @ R2750.00... Normal Price: R3000.00

Orders for this Gun Runner Pre-Order promotion close on Saturday 20th of October 2012, so hurry and place your orders and don’t miss out on these awesome deals!

Once the promotion has closed, pricing will go back to normal. Orders are expected to arrive is mid-November 2012.

Please do not hesitate to contact us on 021 555 3858 or with any questions or queries.

At your service, 
The GICS Team  


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