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Friday, 9 March 2012

Peltor Communications Visits SA

3M South Africa had the pleasure of bringing Lars Melin, the 3M Peltor Business Development Manager for Peltor Communications' Military & Motorsport division AMEA, to South Africa recently and GICS had the privelege to host Lars for a week and show him around and introduce him to various Police and Government Agencies to showcase the products that Peltor has to offer.
After some very successful meetings with private concerns as well as government/law enforcement agencies, a trip was arranged to the Simon's Town SA Navy Base to showcase Peltor products to both the SA Navy and the contractors involved with their maintenance contracts.

Once again Lars and the GICS Team were able to showcase the Peltor line's impressive versatility and functionality to those who need it the most.

Rounding the week off on Thursday, the GICS staff and sales team were given full briefings on all relevant Peltor headsets and accessories. We were allowed to suggest what would be useful in the South African market, and we will be receiving pricing on these new items in the near future.    

When a soldier returns from war on crutches, we see the physical effects that battle has had on him. However, hearing loss silently maims those who are around firearms. Because we don't physically see this damage in others, we don't realise how destructive a force it is. Most of the soldiers and police that we spoke to had some level of hearing loss or permanent tinnitus. Our culture of "get tough" needs to be weighed against taking our health seriously. Long after retirement, the people that serve our community and country struggle with the effects of the jobs we entrusted them to do.   

So too hunters, both serious and casual shooters, should protect their hearing. The damage done will not "grow back", and the body further complicates the problem by layering scar tissue to the area, thus increasing the hearing loss over time.

GICS will make it our mission to introduce these hearing enhancing and safety devices throughout our shooting community.  A very interesting new line of hearing protectors for the younger bystanders and active shooters is planned.

There is never a better time to start protecting our hearing than right now, and for those who have already begun to lose their hearing, it is never too late to start. Peltor has surpassed the competition in further enhancing their hearing protectors by adding two important functions:

- Water resistant microphones built into the units not only give you your normal hearing back, (whilst reducing high decibel noises), you can actually "dial" them up to increase your hearing abilities. (Up to 4 x that of normal hearing.)

- Now the shooter  can hear noises and sounds that he usually would not be able to hear. A suspect or intruder moving around in an adjacent room, whispers from team mates, the possibilities begin to open up dramatically.

- Cables that can link your headset to your radio now allow you to communicate with other groups and units.

The ability to now use Bluetooth technology to stream music, a cellular phone or both add to an already comprehensive list of features. All these functions can be programmed to run simultaneously or over-ride each other. Other headsets in the range allow for FM radio functions, built-in free and licensed channel radios, bone conducting microphones and a host of other features that build together like blocks to enhance your abilities on the range and in the field.
Peltor leads the field in hearing protecting communications. It's in service throughout Europe and America. In conflict zones and peacekeeping roles, Peltor has proven its worth time and time again. The list of Special Forces units and regular military that use Peltor is extensive, over 36 countries around the world are using Peltor Communications Solutions for their Military and Law Enforcement Agencies, and the list is growing.

Registered security companies, military and law enforcement agencies may enquire about Peltor's state of the art tactical and operational hearing protection and communication equipment.  

For queries relating to Peltor products, please e-mail or call us on 021 555 3858.

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