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Thursday, 2 October 2014

GICS Visit to SA Armour School and Museum in Bloemfontein

On our way back to Cape Town after the AAD 2014 Show, we once again decided to "quickly" stop at the SANDF School of Armour and Armour Museum at Tempe Military base in Bloemfontein.

All the Armour Corps including 1SA Tank Regiment and 1SSB Special Service Battalion are trained there. All SANDF armour units must run through the School of Armour.
We viewed a number of vehicles from Restored Bedford Trucks to Sherman Tanks, Crusaders, Anti-Aircraft Guns and the in the captured weapons collection: A working T-34/85 Russian Battle Tank, T-72, BMP-1’s and many others.
Other vehicles on display included Ferret Scout Cars, Ratels, the currently in service Rooikat Armoured Vehicle aswell as the Olifant Main Battle Tank.
The indoor museum displays numerous aspects of SA armour dating back to the early 1900's.
We were very fortunate to be given a hands on demonstration of the current Rooikat Armoured Car on the test course. We were amazed how well the vehicle handled the course, the steap inclines in particular.
We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves and highly recommend that you visit the Armour Museum the next time you are in Bloemfontein. It is well worth the visit.
We would like to thank WO 1 Marais and Lt Col Hohls for their time during our visit. Their love and passion for all things armour shines through and we thank them for preserving these amazing pieces of history.
For more information on the Armour Museum, times and offerings, you can call 051 402 1959 or email
This was our second visit to the Armour School and it was most certainly not our last!
At your service,
The GICS Team

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