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Monday, 11 August 2014

New GICS Website is Launched!

We are very, very pleased to announce, that after a very long time, a lot of planning and many, many long hours of work, the new GICS website is finally live!
As we have grown over the years, we have upgraded and updated our infrastructure to help us better deal with and meet ever increasing demand.

While we have grown, so have our product offerings. GICS now offers well over 30 000 unique products and while this is great for customers, this combined with the fact that we import the greater majority of the products we offer directly from overseas, presents certain admin and logistical challenges.

The use of latest technology systems, combined with a new website now allows us to offer our customers service and information that we were not able to provide previously.

This brings us to the brand new Website which gives GICS customers a much better online experience while having access to all the information one requires to make an informed decision while understanding how GICS ordering and logistics works in order to best serve and meet your needs as a customer. We are still only a phonecall, email or visit away should you not find what you are looking for on the website.

We have opted for a simple, clean and easy to navigate interface allowing for ease of use and access to information with focus on products as opposed to other elements which could otherwise be distracting.

While some of the features may appear similar to our old website, the new website works off new technology which not only allows us to give customers live information, but it also allows us to better manage a host of features and information which ultimately allows us to offer our customers better, faster and more accurate service.

These are some of the main features of the new GICS website:
·         Simple yet effective user interface
·         Detailed Product Pages which include datasheets and in time, videos and downloads.
·         Product and Feature Comparisons – You can now compare products head-to-head to help make an informed decision.
·         Easily accessible and comprehensive FAQ and information sections – We will expand our FAQ and Info section as we go and endeavour to offer as much relevant information and professional advice as we can.
·         Quick, easy and secure online payment options via credit card and EFT/Direct Deposit – Payments are easier than ever before and can be done instantly!
·         Various flat shipping options to suit your budget and needs – We ship throughout South Africa direct to your door, even to remote areas!
·         Live Stock levels – Select the product and options you want and find out immediately if it is in stock and available!·         Backorder System – If what you want is not in stock, you can Backorder it and it will be shipped to you when it arrives.
·         Back In Stock Notifications – If you do not want to place an order, but wish to be notified when a product is back in stock, just say so! Click the “Notify Me When Back In Stock” option on the desired product’s page and an email will be sent to you as soon as it is available again!·
         Multiple and Customisable Wishlists – Create as many Wishlists as you like saved under your profile. Categorise and Accessorise your loadout to your hearts content! It's manly!
·         Comprehensive Contact Us Page – Whatever you need to know, the Contact Us Page will help you get the answers you need!
All of these great new features have come at a small cost however. We ask all our customers to re-register and create a new user profile on the new website. (At as always.) If you have bought from us in the past, using the same email address when you sign up will allow us to tie up your new online profile with our existing In Store profile we have for you on our system. If not, please let us know that you have used another email address to register on the new website so that we can manually tie the accounts together to avoid duplication.

While we have put a LOT of time and effort into the new website, due to the scale of the project, there are going to be mistakes and omissions that slipped through testing. Please help us identify these gremlins and let us know immediately so that we can correct them. Please note that we will be adding new products on an ongoing basis, so keep checking back regularly.

As always, we welcome any and all feedback that can help us improve your experience with GI Combat Supplies. Please click on "Contact Us" in the top menu of the website and give us your feedback and suggestions.
We have decided to celebrate the occasion with a Sale! Click on the “Specials” tab on the front page of the new website to see our Launch Specials, but you might want to make it quick as stock is limited and the Specials are only valid while stocks last!
We would also like to thank every member of the GICS Team for their hard work and assistance to get the new website ready for launch. Every single staff member assisted in one way or another, whether it was helping to take photo's, correctly name files, edit very long spreadsheets or sit up late at night testing, uploading and Skyping.
It really has been a team effort that we should all be proud of. Hopefully the effort that was put into this project will show through and make your online experience with GICS a great one. 
Lastly, and most importantly, we would like to thank you, our loyal Customers for your ongoing support, as without our customers we would not be here. We hope our new website makes your experience with us just that little bit (Or much?) better than before!
What are you waiting for? Get clicking, searching, adding, comparing, Liking and sharing!
And remember, GICS has you covered!
Always at your service,
The GICS Team

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