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Saturday, 21 June 2014

New and Incoming Stock Update

We have received multiple stock shipments recently and will be receiving a number of new shipments in the next 2 weeks.

Many of the incoming shipments have taken longer than expected to arrive and we are pleased to be able to say that the majority of backorders will be fulfilled in the next 2 to 3 weeks as these shipments arrive. This includes Condor, Tru-Spec, Kevlar Inserts, Paracord, Pepper Spray, Target Patches and a number of other items.
We will also be receiving shipments for Magpul, HiViz, Mechanix, Cleaning Kits, Swab-its Gun and Bore Tips and WE Airsoft.
Our latest G-Code order is unfortunately taking longer than expected as they have moved to a larger manufacturing facility which has resulted in production down time and backlogs. The good news is that once the new facility and backlogs are fulfilled, G-Code will have a much higher production capability and future orders will be able to be supplied much quicker than before. We apologise for the inconvenience and assure you that we are doing everything we can to get the next shipment here as soon as possible.
Recently received and available stock includes:
- Peltor Electronic and Passive Hearing Protectors (Including SportTacs, Bullseye I's and Peltor Kids.)
- 3M Peltor Safety and Ballistic Eye Protection
- CRKT Knives
- Mechanix Gloves (Almost sold out.)
- ATI Stocks and Accessories (Shotgun, Enfield AR and AK Accessories.)
- Magpul Accessories (Including MBUS Sights, RSA's (QD and non QD.), MS3 Slings (QD), RVG's, AFG's, Rail Covers etc.)
- Wilson Combat Elite 8rd 1911 Magazines
- Condor Fleece Jackets, Vests and Chest Rigs
- Camo Systems Ghillie Suits and Camo Nets
- DZI 8-4 Cardboard Training Targets
- SA Flag and various other PVC Patches
- Tapco Chamber Flags
- Light Sticks
- WE M4A1 AEG's
- WE G36 AEG's
- WE BB's
Stock is limited on some products, please contact us to confirm availability. We urge you to place orders with us so that we can make sure to order the stock you require and forecast future orders accordingly.
Please do not hesitate to contact us on 021 555 3858 or at with any questions or queries in this regard.
At your service,
The GICS Team

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