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Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Level IIIA Insert for Condor DFPC Live Fire Demonstration

On 18/05/2014 GICS conducted a live fire field demonstration of a Condor Defender Plate Carrier Level IIIA Kevlar XP Insert.

We conducted the demonstration on an insert that had been previously shot with a 9mm Para round on the top right. (Top left as you would look at the panel.)
This demonstration is in no way intended to be viewed as an official test. Only the SABS can officially test products to SANS 1658:2007 Level IIIA Standards and we already have test reports for this. The purpose of this test was to do a live field test to demonstrate the efficiency of the inserts.
Demonstration Setup:
Date: 18/05/2014
Ammmunition: S&B Factory FMJ 115grs 9mm Para and S&B Factory FMJ 230grs .45 ACP
Firearms: Glock 17 (9mm Para) and Colt Government Series 70 (.45 ACP)
Engagement Distance: 3m
Demonstration Methodology:
Two 9mm Para shots and two .45 ACP shots were shot at the insert. The insert was checked for penetration and any other anomalies after each shot.
Demonstration Results:
None of the four shots penetrated through the insert. All four bullets ended up between the front face of the Kevlar XP material and the insert front cover. All four bullets are currently still inside the insert.

The only anomaly that occurred was that the first two 9mm para shots were fired while the insert was strapped to a 21 litre water cooler bottle. As the water bottle was old and brittle, the blunt trauma of the second 9mm para shot cracked the bottle on one of the horizontal ribs. As a result of this, the water bottle was removed and the insert was taped to a box in order to retain shape and rigidity for the two .45 ACP shots.
As a result of the water bottle cracking, sharp edges of the bottle caused a tear in the outer cover. In order to show that there was no penetration, we cut away both the outer cover material and the built in trauma pad which exposed the back face of the Kevlar XP material. This confirmed that the round did not penetrate the insert as can be seen in the photos.

We also cut away only the outer cover material on the back face of the second .45 ACP shot to show the effect on the built in trauma pad.
Body armour is not something that anyone should take a chance with. Following this demonstration, we are more confident than ever that the Condor DFPC and CPC Level IIIA Kevlar Inserts meet their Level IIIA rating
The insert that was used for this demonstration can be viewed at our premises at any time by anyone who would like to see the results first hand. The SABS Test Report for these inserts are also available from GICS on request.
Click here for more info on Level IIIA Inserts for Condor Plate Carriers.
Click here for videos taken on the day.
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The GICS Team  

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