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Friday, 1 November 2013

New Stock has Arrived!

We have had a very busy few weeks with a number of our staff members unexpectedly not being able to be at the office.

We are not quite back to normal yet, but we are getting there and we thank all our customers for their patience and understanding 
during this time.

We have received number of stock shipments recently and have several inbound at present.

We have also recently received the following:

- Condor DFPC, QPC and CPC Level IIIA Kevlar XP Front and Rear Inserts. (More arriving soon.)
- Chargers
- Camelbak Bags
- Camelbak Gloves
- Camelbak Better Bottles
- ESS Glasses

Some of our other currently available/recently received stock includes:

Shooting Supplies:

- California Competition Works 12Ga 6rd Speed Stripper - Belt Clip
- Magpul 5.56 Magpuls - Various Colours
- Magpul 7.62 Magpuls - Various Colours
- Magpul AFG-2 Angled Foregrips - Various Colours
- Magpul AR-15 Mag-Link for PMAG's
- Magpul ASAP Sling Mounts
- Magpul MS3 QD Slings - Various Colours
- Magpul RSA Rail Sling Adaptors
- Magpul MOLLE Speed Threader
- Magpul Remington 870 SGA Stocks and Forends
- Magpul Remington 870 SGA Sling Mount
- Magpul MOE Illumination Kit - Black
- Tapco Safety Chamber Flags - Pistol, Rifle and Shotgun
- PGS Saf-T-Trainers - 9mm, .40, .45, 12GA, .223 and 7.62x39
- CJW M1 Nylon Slings
- Midwest Industries .750 Low Profile Steel AR-15 Gas Block
- Buffer Technologies AK/Valmet/Galil Recoil Buffer
- YHM Dovetail Angle Mounts
- Pro Mag AK-47 Polymer Magazine Clamp/Coupler - Pack or 4
- Brownells Can't Mar 1911 Bushng Wrenches
- Swab-its 9 Piece Gun-Tips Firearm Kit
- Swab-its Bore-Tips - 9mm, .40, .45, 12GA

NB: GICS only offers GENUINE Magpul and Magpul PTS products. Don't get caught out!

Click here
 for more Shooting Supplies.

ATI Stock and Accessories:

- Tactical Shotgun Stock Kits, Grips, Stocks and Forends
- Enfield # 1 and #4 Stock Kits
- Ruger Mini-14 Stock Kits
- Ruger 10/22 Stock Kits
- Various AR-15 Stocks, Grips and Forends.
- Various AK47 Stocks, Grips and Forends.
- Various rails, scope mounts, heat shields, barrel clamps/light mounts, shotgun magazine extensions and other acccessories.

Click here for more info on ATI Products.


- 42" Double Rifle Bags - Various Colours
- Various Vests, Plate Carriers and Harnesses
- Various Bags and Packs
- Softshell Jackets - Various Colours
- Fleece Jackets - Various Colours
- Kevlar Tactical Gloves - Various Colours
- Tactical Caps - Various Colours
- Rigger Belts - Various Colours
- Pistol Belts - Various Colours
- Tornado Tactical holsters - Various Colours
- Various Slings - Various Colours
- Various MOLLE Pouches - Various Colours
- Condor Blood Type Key Chain - Various
- Condor Gear Patches - Various Colours
- condor Battery Cases
- Helmet Cat Eye Bands - Various Colours

Click here for more info on Condor Products.


- Boonie Hats - Various Colours
- Patrol Caps - Various Colours
- Combat Caps - Various Colours
- Tactical Response Uniforms - Various Colours
- Flight Suits - Various Colours
- BDU Uniforms - Various Colours
- 24/7 Tactical Pants - Various Colours
- 24/7 Vests - Various Colours
- 24/7 Concealment Shirts
- 24/7 Polo Shirts - Various Colours
- BDU Belts - Various Colours
- Duty Gear including Inner and Outer Duty Belts
- T-Shirts - Various Colours

Click here
 for more info on Tru-Spec Products.

- Peltor SportTac Electronic Hearing Protectors
- Peltor Hygiene Kit for Sporttac
- Peltor Kids Earmuffs
- Peltor Bullseye III Hearing Protectors
- Peltor Marcus Gronholm Safety/Sun Glasses
- Peltor Maxim Hybrid Googles - Clear and Grey
- Peltor Virtua Clear Safety Glasses
- Peltor 2820 and 2821 Safety Glasses
- E A R Classic Ear Plugs (Pillow Pack)
- E A R Ultrafit Cordered Earplugs

Click here for more info on 3M/Peltor Products.

Camo Systems:

- Camo Systems Ultra-Lite Camo Netting 6m x 2.4m - Woodland
- Camo Systems Ultra-Lite Camo Netting 6m x 2.4m - Desert
- Camo Systems Mesh Camo Netting 6m x 3m - Woodland
- Camo Systems Mesh Camo Netting 6m x 3m - Killer Kamo
- Camo Systems Ultra-Lite 2.4m Wide Camo Netting - Desert - Available by the metre
- Camo Systems Ultra-Lite 2.4m Wide Camo Netting - Killer Kamo - Available by the metre
- Camo Systems Jackal Ghillie Suit - Desert
- Camo Systems Jackal Ghillie Suit - Woodland
- Camo Systems Jackal Ghillie Suit - Killer Kamo

Click here for more info on Camo Systems Products.
We have also added a lot of new products to our website. Click here to view our new products.

Stock is moving fast, place your orders before it's too late!

Please note that as a result of global factors beyond our control we are having difficulty securing certain stock items from international suppliers. As a result, we ship what is available as soon as is practically possible and place the balance on backorder with the relevant suppliers.

We are expecting additional shipments to arrive over the next few weeks as orders and backorders are fulfilled with the manufacturers and when export licensing is approved. (Where applicable.)

Please make sure that you place physical orders with us so that we can make sure that orders are placed as soon as possible in order to avoid unnecessary delays and disappointment as we place special priority on ordered items.

Please do not hesitate to contact us on 021 555 3858 or with any questions or queries.

At your service, 
The GICS Team  


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