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Friday, 11 October 2013

2013 Cape Garrison Artillery Annual Open Combat Rifle Champs

Where there is shooting to be done, there will you find warriors. The 5th of October 2013 proved no exception to the rule as participants turned out in numbers for the 2013 154th Birthday of Cape Garrison Artillery Annual Open Combat Rifle Championships in Atlantis.

Numbers over the years thus far have grown, but 2013 has proven to be the biggest yet, with over 120 participants representing Police, Army, Air Force and specialised units, with a few invited civies thrown in to boot. 


GI Combat Supplies was once again gratefully invited to attend this action-packed event alongside some well-known names in the firearm trade. On the team, Alan Martheze, National Wholesale Manager, Peter Raimondo of a Private Wildlife Interest and Andre Dreyer of City Guns.
Starting at the 100m mark standing, sitting and prone, participants moved to 200m and finally 300m where the front sight image is bigger than the actual target.

Teams from the Free State and other Northern provinces travelled far to particpate in this great event.
Medals were hard fought as the wind proved the toughest adversary. Sighters proved that at 300m a cross wind meant aiming off the actual target to one side was the only way to get a hit. Constant changing wind directions caused mutters and curses up and down the firing line, but ultimately these conditions were equally punishing on all.


 At the prize giving after the event, Dewalt Steyn of Cape Garrison Artillery thanked all for their sportsmanship and comradery and prizes of Condor caps and vests, Peltor eye and ear protection were handed out.
With competition circumstances so tough medals were hard come by and fought for, in our team Alan Martheze managed to secure a Gold in 100m rapid sitting and a Bronze in 100m rapid prone. The prize-giving was paused in order for those present to watch the Springbok / All Blacks game. Only in SA!


The evening was capped off by a massive steaming meat and veg Potjie that had been on the bubble all day. Spirits were high as the war stories and jokes continued into the night.
Thanks again to Cape Garrison for a hosting a superb event, as always we were grateful to be part of the event that is close to our heart.     
We look forward to next year!
At your service, 
The GICS Team


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