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Tuesday, 30 April 2013

New Airsoft Shipment has Arrived!

We are pleased to announce that a new Airsoft Shipment has just arrived.

Available stock includes:

- JG Bar 10 Spring Sniper Rifles
- A&K M249 Para AEG
- King Arms FAL Para with Folding Stock - Full Length AEG
- King Arms Galil EBB AEG
- KWA Tokarev TT33 Metal GBB Pistol
- Silverback PP-19 BIZON-2 AEG
- Snow Wolf M82A1 AEG
- Snow Wolf M24 Spring Sniper Rifle Ver. 2
- WE G9C GBB Rifle
- WE M4A1 GBB Rifle
- WE L85A2 GBB Rifle
- WE SCAR-L GBB Rifle - Tan
- WE AceVD Aluminium/Wood GBB Rifle
- WE G19 GBB Pistols
- WE G17 GBB Pistol
- WE M92 GBB Pistol
- WE F226 GBB Pistol
- WE XDM GBB Pistol
- G&P M16A4 AEG
- KSC M11A1 GBB 
- KSC G17 Gen 4 GBB Pistol
- KSC G19 GBB Pisotl
- KJW CZ-75 GBB Pistol
- AY WWII Browning Automatic Rifle (BAR) AEG
- Marushin M1 Carbine GBB Rifle - 6mm CO2 Version
- Cyma AK47 AEG's
- CAA Airsoft Roni for TM/KSC/WE G17, 18C, 19
- Magpul DVD's
- Various Magpul PTS Accessories
- Various accessories, sights, scopes, speed loaders, magazines, batteries, BB's and spares

We have received the new stock into our system and stock will be available in store from Thursday 02/05/2013.

Outstanding orders will be packed and despatched/made ready for collection ASAP.

Please feel free to contact your relevant sales person regarding progress of your order from Thursday 02/05/2013.

Please do not hesitate to contact us on 021 555 3858 or with any questions or queries.

At your service, 
The GICS Team  


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