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Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Madikwe Game Reserve: Operation Learning Curve

Between January 1st and the 19th March 2012, 120 rhino's had been poached in South Africa. Of these murders, 5 had taken place in Madikwe. Clearly Madikwe was now involved in the rhino war and a serious strategy had to be implimented.

From 5 - 12 March 2012, Madikwe Game Reserve launched Operation Learning Curve which is part of a larger plan referred to as Project Echo, an ever changing, ever adapting plan to counter the rhino poaching threat.

To date, Project Echo and Operation Learning Curve has been sponsored almost entirely by private stakeholders.

GI Combat Supplies is proud to have supplied much needed tactical gear and equipment to this initiative.    

The objective of Operation Learning Curve is to train Field Rangers so that they are prepared if they encounter armed poachers.
Training includes, bushcraft, small unit tactics, setting up of observation posts (OP's) and other vital skills required to safely and effectively protect and preserve our living heritage.

GI Combat Supplies is proud to be associated with Madkiwe and Project Echo and salutes them in their efforts to preserve the local rhino population for generations to come.
We would like to thank DH for his feedback, information and dedication to this worthwhile cause.

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