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Monday, 2 January 2012

GICS Staff Range Day 28/12/2011

After a unanimous decision, it was decided to hold the GICS end-of-year function at a local shooting range. 

The team decided that this would beat any dinner out hands-down, and it would give some of the new staff who had never yet had the opportunity to fire a real fire arm some great hands on experience.

With that in mind, the boys met early on the morning of the 28th December 2011 at the GICS premises and trooped off in convoy to the range.


After some early morning muffins and a safety briefing, the first rifle of the day was brought out. As the theme followed the lineage of the firearm, this was a .50cal black powder musket rifle of the American Civil War, which was discharged in a cloud of smoke! A sobering thought to the reloading time for those early soldiers who had to do this laborious task under fire!

Next up was the 1860 Colt Navy revolver in .44cal, the work horse of the Old West. Every shot dropped a target at 50m. The stories of those old gun fighters like Wild Bill and Billy the Kid could well be true. 

One by one, the lads went through the paces of loading and shooting handguns, shotguns and semi-automatic rifles. The favorite of the day undoubtedly being the LM-6, the civilian version of the famous R5/Galil SAR rifle.

Finally, everyone got to fire a bolt-action .308 rifle which was fitted with a Timney trigger, Harris bipod, overmould stock and a supressor. 


Much was learnt, and many rumours and urban legends dispelled (especially about "silencers") on this fantastic day out. The staff got some hands-on lessons and it was great to see how firearm discipline instituted in the store paid off on the range. 

Without naming any names, one member of staff that has never handled a real firearm before, turned out to be the best shot of the day. A pure natural. We'll be watching him from now on.

Thank you to all who attended and made the day possible, we plan to have more of these days in future. Next time we'll remember the sun screen!

At your service, 
The GICS Team


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