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Friday, 14 December 2012

Latest Airsoft Shipment has Arrived!

We are very please to announce that our latest airsoft shipment has arrived!

New available stock includes:
- A&K M249 Para AEG
- A&K M249 Mk II AEG
- M1892 Winchester Gas Rifle – Real Wood
- Cyma M14 EBR Full Metal AEG (CM032EBRBK)
- Cyma AKM Full Metal and Wood AEG (CM036A)
- Cyma MP5 Full Metal with UMP Stock AEG (CM041)
- Cyma MP5J Full Metal AEG (CM041J)
- Cyma MP5K Full Metal AEG (CM041K)
- Cyma AK74M Full Metal AEG (CM047C)
- Cyma AKMS Full Metal AEG (CM048S)
- Cyma AIMS PMC Full Metal w/ Romanian Stock AEG (CM050A)
- G&G FN2010 Long Version AEG – Black
- G&P M16A4 AEG
- Ares M16A3 AEG
- ICS GLM Launcher – Black
- Silverback PP-19 Bizon-2 Full Steel AEG
- Well MB-05D Mauser Pro-Tactical Spring Rifle
- Snow Wolf M24 Version 2 Spring Rifle – Black
- Snow Wolf M24 Version 2 Spring Rifle – Tan
- Snow Wolf M82A1 AEG Sniper Rifle
- KWA Tokarev TT-33 GBB Pistol
- KWA USP .45 GBB Pistol
- Well L96 Spring Rifle Ver. II
- Element Advanced Illuminator Combo Set – Black
- Various Firefox Ni-Mh and Li-Po batteries
- G&P 30mm Red Dot Scope – Tan
- G&P 30mm Red Dot Scope – Black
- Angry Gun Stainless Steel Precision Barrels for WE GBB Rifles
- A Plus Hop Up Rubbers
- 4 x ACOG Style Sight w/ Dummy Fibre Optic – Black
- Red Dot ACOG Style Sight w/ Dummy Fibre Optic – Black
- G&P Elcan Style Scope
- Beta Project 75rd PMAG Box Sets
- Various AEG Mid-Cap Magazines
- Various Box Magazines
- Cavalvy Elite II Headsets & PTT’s
- Madbull Black Python Tightbore Barrels for AEG’s
- Mich-2000 Heavy Weight Replica Helmets
- MICH-2002 Heavy Weight Replica Helmet
- Pantac M249 Slings
- Pantac Rifle/Shotgun Padded Cheek Rests
- Various AEG and GBB Internal Upgrade Parts, including motors, AEG Springs, Hop Up Buckings etc.

Stock levels vary, so place your orders as soon as possible in order to avoid disappointment.

Stock will be available in store from tomorrow, 15/12/2012.
Orders that need to be despatched will be sent out as soon as possible next week.

Please contact your relevant saleperson to enquire regarding your order(s) from Tuesday 18/12/2012 onwards.
Lastly, we would like to invite all our customers, friends and family to join us tomorrow, Saturday 15/12/2012 for a year end airsoft shoot and militaria display.
Click here for more info.
We hope to see you tomorrow.
At your service,
The GICS Team 


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