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Saturday, 3 May 2014

Kevlar® XP™ Level IIIA Soft Armour Inserts

GICS is proud to offer the latest DuPont Kevlar® XP™ bullet resistant technology in our line of soft armour inserts which are tailored to be worn with the Condor range of Plate Carriers including the Defender Plate Carrier as well as the Condor Compact Plate carrier. (Custom solutions are available on request.)

Our Kevlar® XP™ Inserts are made in South Africa from DuPont Kevlar® XP™ by a trusted manufacturer with many years of experience in producing products for the security industry in South Africa. The panels have been tested and passed by the SABS to SANS 1658:2007 Level IIIA Standards and manufacturing is done to strict ISO 9001:2008 Standards. Every panel that is supplied includes a Lot, Serial and Batch Number that allows it to be traced back to the specific batch and roll of Kevlar® XP™ it was manufactured from.

“Kevlar® XP™ technology for Soft Body Armor helps offer more bullet-stopping power. This patented technology helps provide approximately a 15% reduction in back face deformation and superior ballistic performance in a 100% Kevlar® solution. 
Kevlar® XP™ for Soft Body Armor technology helps manufacturers provide more comfortable vest designs with at least a 10% reduction in overall weight, helping to give officers the freedom of movement they need to protect themselves, their partners, and the public.”
When a bullet strikes a standard bullet resistant vest, the resulting backface deformation can cause serious ballistic or trauma injuries. Kevlar® XP™ decreases the impact, thus reducing backface deformation by approximately 15% or more. It is also able to maintain its performance in extreme field conditions that Law Enforcement Officers and Security Professionals face, including heat, humidity and wear. Tests have shown that Kevlar® XP™ typically stops bullets within the first 3 layers of an 11 layer insert. Allowing the remaining layers to absorb the bullet’s energy which results in less trauma to the vest wearer and ultimately less chance of serious injury. 
We are proud to offer our customers only the best quality of protection available today in the form of Kevlar® XP™ Soft Armour inserts. 
We are also able to offer hard armor plates to increase protection to Level III or IV to protect against higher threats. Side Plates are also available.
Get more info on DuPont Kevlar® XP™ Level IIIA insert panels and other related products offered by GICS byclicking here.
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