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Saturday, 29 March 2014

True Krav Maga Classes Start at GICS in April!

TKM West Coast is an official True Krav Maga Training Centre. What is True Krav Maga? First of all, krav maga is a Hebrew term translated into english as 'close combat'. True Krav Maga simply means True Close Combat. We are not a fitness centre, a sports club or a martial arts club and we are most definitely not a commercial krav maga club. We are a close combat training centre. We train people from all walks of life on how to survive real life violence focusing especially on the South Africa context which contains much violent crime. What will you learn at TKM West Coast? Hand to hand combat, gun defences, knife defences, knife use, stick defences, stick use, rifle defences, ground situations (against armed and unarmed attackers), multiple attackers as well as defence within extreme situations (defences against kidnapping, hijacking, rape, home invasions, hostage situations etc). 

Schalk has previously trained krav maga as a local IKMA instructor in the Gidon System, he is a also a graduate instructor from Gabi Noah's IKM. After seeing what True Krav Maga has to offer he decided to transition from IKM to True Krav Maga. The decision was a difficult one seeing as he has invested much time and money in his previous training. However, having trained in two of the most widely established krav maga systems available, he has come under the strong conviction that True Krav Maga is the best service provider of close combat training on the market. Schalk's unique situation of transitioning from IKM to TKM has gained him the rank of Apprentice Instructor with special permission to run his own TKM Training Centre. This by no means means that Schalk is a novice - he is fully trusted by the True Krav  Maga organization to deliver top quality instruction.
At TKM West Coast you will be taught the best practical solutions to real situations. There is no hiding behind theory, presentations, certificates, associations or photo's with a “master”. True Krav Maga will always offer you undiluted and straight forward training to the best of our ability because that is all that really matters to us.
Our classes are every Tuesday and Thursday from 17:30 - 18:30 at GICS and class fees are R650pp/pm. If you are interested in joining please contact Schalk at 079 524 3558 or He will invite you to a free trial class after which you can decide whether you would like to join. Depending on your own commitment and development you are looking at a training period of 8 - 12 months to reach to a reasonable level of competency.
At your service, 
The GICS Team

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