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Wednesday, 15 January 2014

New G-Code Shipment has Arrived!

We are pleased to announce that a new G-Code Holster and Accessories shipment has arrived.

Availlable products include:

- OSH Holsters
- XST Holsters
- SOC Holsters
- HSP INCOG Holsters
- Single and Double Pistol Magaizne Pouches (Single and Double Stack.)
- Single and Double AR Magazine Pouches
- Various Paddles
- Various Belt Slides (Including Duty/Bullet Proof Vest compatible Belt Slides.)
- Drop Leg Platforms
- RTI (Rapid Transition Interface) Adaptors and Accessories
- Various other accessories and adaptors including belt, paddles, MOLLE etc.

Stock is moving FAST!

Click here for more info on G-Code Holsters and Accessories Products.

Please note that as a result of global factors beyond our control we are having difficulty securing certain stock items from international suppliers. As a result, we ship what is available as soon as is practically possible and place the balance on backorder with the relevant supplier(s).

If we do not have stock on hand, please make sure that you place physical orders with us so that we can make sure that orders are placed as soon as possible in order to avoid unnecessary delays and disappointment. If a physical order is not placed, we cannot guarantee that a specific product will be ordered from the supplier/manufacturer.

We are busy allocating the new stock to orders. Available stock will be available in store from tomorrow, Thursday 15/01/2014.

We will do our utmost to pack and despatch all outstanding orders by Friday 16/01/2014.

Outstanding orders will be packed and despatched/made ready for collection ASAP.

Please feel free to contact your relevant sales person regarding progress of your order on Monday 20/01/2014.

Please do not hesitate to contact us on 021 555 3858 or with any questions or queries.

At your service, 
The GICS Team  


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