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Friday, 3 May 2013

37th WP Combat Rifle Shoot Championship

From the 19th to the 20th of April, volleys of Rifle fire rolled over the hills at the Atlantis Military Shooting Range (CT) as the teams from Corrections, SA Police, Army and Air Force settled into their positions to challenge each other for the 37th Western Province Combat Rifle Shoot Championship.


For a second Year running, GI Combat Supplies was invited to attend and sponsor some of the prizes for this epic shoot by Lt Col Kriel organiser and himself a well established and respected distance shooter.

Combat Rifle is a world renowned sport where the emphasis falls on skills development for Force preparation.  It is one of the toughest and most challenging events in the Combat Rifle fraternity. The unique South African conditions, of which the ever-uncertain Capetonian weather makes the WP Shoot the toughest of all, causes many errors. Truly 4 seasons in one day.

The aim of the shoot is to promote esprit-de-Corps between all members of the Forces (SANDF, Police and Correctional Services) competing against each other. It also serves to encourage and increase the numbers of all aspirant shottists. Particular focus is placed on previously disadvantaged members.  Some of these members have already been taken up in the WP team event and in the individual categories.

Categories included: Individual, Unit Team, Mix Team as well as Test matches between the different Armed Forces. (SANDF, SAPS, RESERVE FORCE, AIR FORCE, NAVY and CORRECTIONAL SERVICES)

The team competition consisted of 4 shottist’s in the unit teams category and in the Inter Forces team (Run between Defence Force, Police Services and Correctional Services) category, the teams consisted of 10 members. In the individual category, prizes were awarded per distance (100 to 400 meter).  The Championship consists of 11 matches for the period and the actual prizes added up to 80 medals for the three different categories (1) Developing members, (2) Shottist using open sights and (3) Shottist using telescopes or visual aids on their rifles.

At the end of Day 1 a fantastically laid on meal of traditional vleis and slaai-goed was followed by the individual prize giving. Alan Martheze, GICS National Wholesale Manager was on hand to hand over much coveted prizes of Peltor ear and eye protectors, NC Star Binoculars and Condor Tactical Shooting accessories.


Plenty good-natured ribbing and digging between the shooters was to be had, with even a prize going to the worst shooter of the day! (This troepie shall not be named, but we will keep an eye on him to see how he progresses in next year’s event.) 

Day 2 was a serious affair as the teams battled it out between them. Between the shots you could hear the spotters curtly murmuring adjustments as the wind came in progressively stronger from 3 different sides! The day ended with the Western Province team leading the field.

At the end, all the different individuals and units gathered to hear encouragement and words of advice from the older shooters. Again, a first class meal preceded the medal ceremony, with tired shooters retiring to their respective hotel beds or tents, some getting an early start driving back up country to return to their duties.

GI Combat Supplies wishes to thank the organisers of the WP Combat Rifle Shoot for the invite to attend this prestigious event for the second year in a row. We were humbled by the reaction of the shooters towards us and the hospitality bestowed on our attendance.
We look forward to participating in 2014 whilst fondly remembering the events of the 2013 shoot… 

We would like to thank Gilly-Bean Photography for the camera work throughout the event. More photo’s will be posted as they become available.

At your service, 
The GICS Team  


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