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Monday, 1 October 2012

Cape Garrison Artillery 2012 Combat Rifle Competition

GICS had the honor to once again be invited to attend the annual Combat Rifle Shoot hosted by Cape Garrison Artillery at the Atlantis Rifle Range. 


This year saw a bumper turnout of more than 80 shooters representing the Army, Air force, Police, Para's and Correctional Services and invited civilian shottists.

Falling in parade at 0900, the shoot started with a short prayer, safety instruction and then the shooters split into two groups. Those who would shoot first, and those who would retire to the "butts" directly under the targets. 

Quite an experience to be under incoming fire, but safely behind concrete and earth, one could look up to see a hole miraculously appear in the target overhead, followed by the crack, and then later the boom of the rifle! 

These helpers would then bring the targets down, mark them, score them, patch them and then hoist them back up again with pulleys on command by a bellowing Corporal! 

At first shooters started at 100 meters, moving back to 200m, then finally 300m. It can be believed that at three hundred meters the front sight blade completely covers the target, and very difficult to see as the afternoon brought with it both a strong breeze and heat waves, causing the target to shiver and shake to the eye. 

Shooting positions were a mixed affair and ranged between shooting from standing, to sitting or prone. Targets were displayed for shorter and shorter times and rapid but accurate shots had to be made for shooters to stay in the running. 

At the end of the day, all who attended gathered in the club house for a fantastic potjie and a short address by the CO, who gave a speech on the History of the Garrison and the merits of good shooting!

Next came the medal ceremony, and there was much ragging and banter as the different departments and units went forward to claim their medallions. 

Alan Martheze of GICS, shooting in class B, came away with a bronze in 100m snap, silvers in 100m rapid and 200m snap and a gold for 300m rapid. Also the overall bronze for class B.


The event again proved to be a massive success, and a feather in the cap for Cape Garrison Artillery, who staged a fantastic day of shooting and camaraderie. 

GICS wishes to thank the organizers for inviting us to attend this event, we were thrilled  to have been a part of the 2012 Combat Rifle Shoot and we look forward to the next one!

At your service, 
The GICS Team

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