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Saturday, 7 July 2012

New Surefire Stock has Arrived!

We  are pleased to announce that our Surefire stock has arrived.

We have received stock of the following:

G2 Surefire Flashlights

G2X Surefire Flashlights
G2ZX Surefire Flashlights
X300 Surefire Hang Gun / Long Gun Weaponlights
XT07 Surefire Pressure Switches for X-Series Weaponlights
DG11 Surefire Grip Assembly for X-Series Weaponlights
V70 Surefire Flashlight Pouches
V85 Surefire Flashlight Pouches
V85A Surefire Flashlight Pouches
Z33 Surefire Flashlight Lanyards
CR-KIT01 Surefire Flashlight Combat Ring Kits
SF2CB Surefire Lithium 123A Batteries (Pack of 2.)

Existing orders will be packed and dispatched ASAP.

Please contact your relevant sales person if you have not yet heard from them regarding your order(s).

Stock is limited, so place your orders now!

At your service,

The GICS Team 


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